19 February 2013 by Erin Billman

Blu Skye at GreenBiz Forum San Francisco (Feb. 26-28)

GBF SF 2013

Join Blu Skye at GreenBiz Forum San Francisco in February.  We have the pleasure of participating in this year's Forum to discuss multiple topics from sports to industry and value-chain collaboration.  We hope to connect with you there!


19 February 2013 by John Whalen

Blu Skye at GreenBiz Forum New York (Feb. 19-21)

GBF 13 logo sm

Wednesday February 20, 1:30-2:30 PM (Workshop): Collaboration as a Driver of Breakthrough Change: Lessons from the US Dairy Industry

This session will explore the successful multi-year efforts of the US Dairy industry to drive unprecedented sustainability innovation across the dairy value chain while creating business value for dairy farmers, processors, and others in the value chain. The effort aligned CEOs representing 80% of the US dairy industry around a joint commitment to a 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of fluid milk by 2020.


11 February 2013 by Glen Low

Glen Low in Conversation about Action for a Sustainable Future at the Commonwealth Club Tuesday, February 12th

Environmental advocates urge individuals to start reducing their carbon footprint by taking one simple action. If everyone did that the carbon savings would be substantial, the thinking goes. Are such starter steps the beginning of a lifelong journey or actually deceptive and even counterproductive?


18 January 2013 by Glen Low

Chicago Booth San Francisco Event- A Discussion on the Future of Social Entrepreneurship (Feb 5)

Chicago booth event

Well established as a hub of innovation, finance, and social consciousness, San Francisco has emerged as an attractive home for social enterprises.  Join Chicago Booth in San Francisco for a discussion with Booth alumni and social entrepreneurs who will share their expertise and perspective on the current environment.


9 January 2013

Clean Clothes with Levi's and Patagonia (Jan 25)

clean clothes2 UE small

A Climate One Event - From organic cotton to recycled zippers many clothing brands are trying to establish their bona fides with consumers who care about the health of their bodies and the planet. In a world of increasing transparency about environmental and labor practices consumers expect to know more about the clothes they wear. What lies ahead for product labeling and making the $200 billion US clothing industry more sustainable? Are efforts encouraging consumers to wash their clothes less a smart move or a retailer dodge? Do U.S. brands really monitor their factories in China? Join us for a conversation with leaders in the effort to run sustainable companies that make durable and responsible products.
Chip Bergh, CEO, Levi’s
Casey Sheahan, CEO, Patagonia
Date: Friday, January 25
Time: 11:30a.m. check-in, 12p.m program, 1p.m. networking reception
Location: The Commonwealth Club, SF Club Office, 595 Market Street, San Francisco
Cost: $20 standard, FREE for members, $7 students (with valid ID)


10 April 2012 by Jib Ellison

Fortune Brainstorm: GREEN (April 16-18, Laguna Niguel)

We're excited to announce Jib Ellison will be discussing one of our favorite topics this month at  Fortune Brainstorm: GREEN. He will moderate a panel on What Is Nature Worth? with Jared Diamond and Pavan Sukhdev. Glen Low will be there discussing another favorite topic, Sustainability Indexes: What's the Magic Number? with Dara O'Rourke, Mark Lee and Marc Gunther. Both of these topics were for years squarely in the 'too hard' box, but we now have real world examples of progress on both fronts. If you'll be at the conference, we hope you'll join in the discussion and find time to connect with Glen and Jib.


10 April 2012 by Glen Low

Berkeley-Stanford Cleantech Conference (April 12, 2012)

BSC2 Logo

April 12, 2012, Stanford Camplus, Palo Alto, CA — Blu Skye's Glen Low will be speaking at this year's Berkeley-Stanford Cleantech Conference on a panel about how clean tech is playing a role in improving the efficiency and reducing the impacts of global supply chains.


10 February 2012 by Jib Ellison

Speaker's Corner March 7: Making Markets and Conservation Work Together

Join Jib Ellison and Chris Mann, CEO/Chairman of the Gourd of Guayakí Sustainable Rainforest Products, importer and marketer of yerba mate on March 7 at 6:30 PM in Santa Rosa for what promises to be a stimulating discussion on the future of sustainable business.


27 October 2011 by Jib Ellison

Webinar for Corporate Eco Forum Members

The Corporate Eco Forum will present a webinar on November 2nd, 12:00pm EDT/9:00am PDT, featuring Blu Skye founder and CEO Jib Ellison. Jib recently co-authored The Big Idea: The Sustainable Economy in the latest Harvard Business Review. Jib was also featured in the recent book Force of Nature by Edward Humes. CEF members can register by emailing Michael Vito ( with your name, title, and organization.


29 September 2011 by Jib Ellison

Upcoming Event: Corporations and the Food Movement (10/4/11)

Jib laughing

On October 4th at 6pm, Blu Skye's Jib Ellison will join author Michael Pollan and Jack Sinclair, EVP of Grocery at Walmart for a discussion on the role of corporations in the sustainable food movement.  This class is part of the UC Berkeley course Edible Education 101: The Rise and Future of the Food Movement, which in addition to the 400 UC Berkeley students who are enrolled in the course is open to about 300 general public free of charge.


13 September 2011 by Jib Ellison

Upcoming Event: Ecosystem Services at Climate One (9/12/11)

climate one logo

Climate One at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco Sept. 12 at 6pm.  Event description: The many services that nature provides to humans are undervalued in commercial markets because it is difficult to put a price tag on them. Now with increasing awareness about sustainability and resource limitations, companies are paying more attention to such ecosystem services. That means better understanding of activities such as crop pollination, pest control, and waste decomposition, and calculating economic impacts including the benefits of those services and the costs to companies and society if they are diminished. Join us for a conversation with a consultant advising some of the world's largest companies on how to think about ecosystem services and a visionary environmentalist working to preserve and value biodiversity around the world.


22 August 2011 by Glen Low

Upcoming Event: Haas Executive Education Course - CSR 3.0: Leveraging Sustainability for Strategic Advantage (9/20-21)

Haas School of Business

Leveraging Corporate Responsibility Leadership to Enhance Strategy, Brand, and Employee Engagement
Companies leave value, money and opportunity on the table every day with ineffective CSR. CSR 3.0 helps participants learn to conceptualize, develop, and deliver a business strategy, communications approach, and employee engagement plan that leverages the business value and unrecognized opportunities of corporate responsibility.


27 April 2011 by Glen Low

Net Impact Monthly Gathering: What's next in corporate sustainability? (4/27/11)


It seems that every company has gone green these days and at long last, Interface Carpets is no longer the only success story that gets touted at conferences. But in spite of the abundance of corporate commitments and initiatives, the environmental and social news do not seem to be getting any better.


15 April 2011 by Glen Low

Climate One at The Commonwealth Club: Measure What? and Cell Power (4/15/11)

How are companies grappling with rising energy costs and uncertainty about energy policy? How should they think about carbon dioxide, an invisible and odorless substance no one used to care about? Is it an asset or a liability or both? Can movers actually generate new revenue streams by being more sophisticated about their energy usage? Is volatility a friend or a foe? Join Climate One as we delve into a conversation with companies trying to make a business measuring and managing power in new ways.


6 April 2011 by Jib Ellison

Fortune Brainstorm Green 2011 (4/6/11)

Employee Engagement: Building a New Team

The pressure is on for continuous improvement and innovation in corporate sustainability performance. How do you go from sustainability as the job of a select group of employees to sustainability as part of everyone's job? How can you scale employee engagement in a cost-effective manner? And what are ways to track the results to increase performance?


13 August 2010 by Tripp Borstel

Net Impact Issues in Depth Call (8/13/11)

Systemic Change and the US Dairy Industry

In this Issues in Depth call, Tripp Borstel, a consultant at Blu Skye and Erin Fitzgerald, Director of Social and Environmental Innovation at Dairy Management Inc. will discuss the story of the sustainability journey of the U.S. dairy industry and share some of the insights, challenges and lessons learned. Visit the Net Impact IID site to register.